Other Projects

This is a brief history of my career.
I have worked for advertising agencies, B2B, SaaS, and retail companies. I'm passionate about making projects that are useful, beautiful, and challenging.

Welcome to my UX journey, a narrative showcasing my dedication to creating intuitive and impactful user experiences. Through a blend of creativity, empathy, and rigorous methodology, I have contributed to projects that span various industries and touchpoints. Join me as I walk you through the milestones of my career, highlighting key projects, methodologies, and the innovative solutions I have developed along the way.


Tribal DDB

At the start of my career with digital advertising agency Tribal DDB, I honed my skills in digital advertising, creating compelling social media posts, animated banners, and illustrations. A significant achievement was co-developing a brand promotion platform for Lipton, I developed the user experience and interaction, as well as the platform’s visual aesthetics, including an isometric map and characters. This project showcased my ability to blend creativity with functionality.



At Eldorado, I advanced my digital and UI design skills within the e-commerce sector. My responsibilities included creating dynamic assets for promotional campaigns across multiple platforms and contributing to the online store redesign, creation of a design system and delivered wireframes, prototypes, site map and  a comprehensive UI kit. I also created a unique logo and brand identity for Eldorado’s sub-brand, Matrix, reflecting my prowess in brand development.


Teaching and Freelance

In 2016, I expanded my horizons by entering the field of teaching, where I developed and delivered course on digital design fundamentals. At the same time, I worked as a freelancer, contributing to a range of projects. This period allowed me to expand my skill set and apply my design expertise to a variety of apps and small websites, and enhance my understanding of diverse design needs, improve my ability to adapt to diverse project requirements while also enabling me to share my knowledge with aspiring designers.



Joining Publicis marked a significant milestone in my career. I collaborated on projects for renowned brands like Nestle and Renault, focusing on responsive UI designs and creating captivating graphics. My work consistently aimed to deliver seamless digital experiences, keeping user needs at the forefront.



Relocating to Israel, I continued freelancing, primarily for Ukrainian clients. Notable projects included developing a brand identity for a cryptocurrency-backed loan company. I ensured a cohesive user experience and created custom illustrations, establishing a comprehensive design system and style guide.



At AppsFlyer, I was pivotal in the marketing design team, enhancing digital and UI designs. I revamped the company’s website and visual identity, resulting in a 25% increase in web traffic. Additionally, I developed a standardized component Figma library, streamlining the design process.



Joining Zencity as a Product Designer, I worked on improving the platform’s user experience. Projects included redesigning the mobile app and dashboard, collaborating closely with the development team, and creating a comprehensive design system. These efforts led to increased customer engagement and satisfaction.



In 2018, I moved to Israel and began freelancing while adjusting to a new country and learning Hebrew. Most of my projects were for clients from Ukraine and involved designing websites and creating illustrations.

One of the most significant projects I worked on was for a company that offered loans backed by cryptocurrency. My role was to develop the brand identity and ensure a seamless user experience for both the website and platform, with a visually appealing interface. In addition, I created custom illustrations that complemented the brand's visual style. To maintain consistency in branding and design across all channels, I developed comprehensive design system and style guide.